Is an implanted microchip the mark of the Beast?

Mark-of-the-BeastI’ve been seeing a lot of fear mongering lately on social media in regard to microchip implants as the Biblical mark of the Beast. I agree with Hank Hanegraff that a microchip under your skin is in and of itself nothing to worry about:

Finally, the mark of the Beast is not something that can be taken inadvertently. It is the intentional denial in thought, word, and deed of the lordship of Jesus Christ. Thus, rather than fearfully avoiding microchip technology, we should with fear and trembling resist the temptation to be conformed to the evil systems of this world. Instead, we must boldly accept the mark of the Lamb by offering our bodies as living sacrifices and by being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12).

While I’m sure there are privacy and health implications, just having an implant under your skin has no effect on your status before God. As long as whoever is implanting the chip doesn’t require you to swear allegiance to someone other than Jesus, if the benefits of having an implant seem good to you then I say go for it.