Lifeway End Times Beliefs Survey

Yesterday Christianity Today shared the results of Lifeway’s survey of 1000 Protestant senior pastors in regard to their end times beliefs.  They say:

A third of America’s Protestant pastors expect Christians to be raptured—or taken up in the sky to meet Jesus—as the end times begin. About half think a false messiah known as the Antichrist will appear sometime in the future. A surprising number think the Antichrist has already been here, or isn’t on his way at all.

They sum up the various views on the rapture:

End Times Survey

And views on the Antichrist:


I’m curious how this compares with the views of senior pastors 20-30 years ago. Has there been a significant shift in end times views?

Many more details found in the full article: Sorry, ‘Left Behind’: Only One-Third of Pastors Share Your End Times Theology