Ministry Link Roundup (May 12, 2016)


Recent articles about ministry, pastoring, and church leadership I found interesting and helpful (in no particular order):

Should You Stay or Go? (Mark Dever)

Sometimes young Christians hear the command to “go” and treat it like the basic command of the Christian life. That’s a fairly short-sighted way to think. Once you go, you have to stay. If you’re always going, nothing will ever get done except the accumulation of more frequent flyer miles. In order for the go to have any meaning, you need to stay for a significant amount of time—a few weeks, a few years, maybe the rest of a life.

Advice for Preaching Funeral Sermons (H.B. Charles, Jr)

I also offered offered several pieces of advice. It was a text-message. Not the way to elaborate. Yet I shared this advice with my friend: Brief. Gospel-centered. Be sensitive to family. There are other important factors to consider when preaching funerals. But these three pieces of advice are a good place to start.

How to Remember Someone’s Name (Scott Slayton)

For followers of Jesus we want to love our neighbors as ourselves, and this begins with learning their name when you meet them. Therefore, we want to give attention to learning the names of people we meet as an extension of our living on Jesus’ mission in this world.

10 questions to ask before you lead a meeting (Steven Kryger)

Steven Kryger shares 10 questions to help you plan and lead better meetings.

Lessons I Learned From My Mistakes in Preaching – Kevin DeYoung