Number of Christians in China to surpass USA by 2025


While some see the decline of Christianity in the United States as a clear indication that we’re fast approaching the end times, the fact remains that Christianity is on the rise in other parts of the world.  Take China, for instance, where a recent article from The Telegraph cites research which projects that the number of Protestant Christians in China will surpass the number in the USA by 2025:

In 2010 there were more than 58 million Protestants in China compared to 40 million in Brazil and 36 million in South Africa, according to the Pew Research Centre’s Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Prof Yang, a leading expert on religion in China, believes that number will swell to around 160 million by 2025. That would likely put China ahead even of the United States, which had around 159 million Protestants in 2010 but whose congregations are in decline.

Unfortunately, this growth is divided between “illegal underground ‘house churches’, which hold unsupervised services – often in people’s homes – in an attempt to evade the prying eyes of the Communist Party” and those who are willing to fall in line with Communist ideology:

“They want the pastor to preach in a Communist way. They want to train people to practice in a Communist way,” said the house-church preacher, who said state churches often shunned potentially subversive sections of the Bible. The Old Testament book in which the exiled Daniel refuses to obey orders to worship the king rather than his own god is seen as “very dangerous”, the preacher added.

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